double rainbow allllll the waaaaayyyyy…….

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introducing… uniboob!… 

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We were going to write a caption, but honestly, this makes fun of itself.

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So apparently it’s Jade’s birthday, so I was like ‘Whoa there, better draw Jade.’

But then this happened.

You know, the only thing kind of bad about this is her arm? I dunno everything else is kind of nice. I like the dress :) 

.. Although perhaps give her some eyebrows. 

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Took me like three tries to get Vince right.  WOOP

This is kind of bad but ten times better than what other people can draw, so please give yourself some credit! 

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spoiler: this is an old drawing of mine.

It’s bad that the dodge/burn abuse is the best part of this picture. How do those wings even work?

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I think it’s a mole-cat. With only three toes. Did you know cats have four toes? 

You know, I did a piece referencing the same wolf picture these people used. But I’m sure mine is better because it was wolves and not two Pokemon that look silly and traced.

Also, dat grass. Dat shading… not much shading…………….


I’m just joking :((((